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Morning Yoga is the Best Yoga

Ancient Yoga texts state that the time between 4:00 am and 6:00 am is the best time to practice both yoga and meditation. There was something almost mystic about dawn as the sun starts peeking up over the horizon.

 Here are some of the amazing benefits that morning yoga can provide:


Most muscle aches and pains can be cured through simple stretches. The optimal time to do this is in the mornings. Why? It helps your body to remove the naturally occurring connective tissues and fluids that build between the muscles while you sleep. An exercise like yoga can stretch every inch of your body and put it in its best working condition. 


Your metabolism is responsible for how many calories your body is burning. For anyone who is trying to shed a few pounds, he/she understands the importance of increasing his/her metabolism. However, many people do not know that even after exercising, your metabolism rate remains elevated. Interval sprints and similar training methods try to take advantage of this fact by sprinting for a set amount of time and then lightly jogging or walking immediately after. Their body still burns calories like it is sprinting during that cooldown period. Following that mindset, starting your day with yoga and using it to increase your metabolism can have exponential effects throughout the day due to starting with an elevated metabolism.

Brain Health

In a recent survey, it was found that the majority of mistakes in the workplace happen in the first half-hour of the morning. This is due to the brain that’s still feeling a bit “fuzzy” from waking up fully. Everyone’s brain needs some time in the morning to wake up after 8 hours of resting. Yoga and meditation are ideal methods of helping your brain to more quickly shake that fuzzy sensation. 

Long-lasting Benefits

Following the ancient yogi’s advice can make some truly impressive long-lasting effects. With consistent practice, your body will start providing you with extra energy in the mornings. This enabled some to eliminate the need for their morning cup of coffee and harmful caffeine dependency. I had no idea that I was as hooked on caffeine as badly as I was until I tried to eliminate it without having yoga as a substitute and got a terrible migraine. It has now been years since I drank caffeine, and I feel more energized now than I ever did in my coffee-drinking days.

What is the number one excuse for not doing yoga in the morning? “I don’t have time.” Most people do not want to wake up an extra 30-45 minutes earlier due to losing that time spent sleeping. But filling that time with yoga can remarkably make you feel even more rested. It is incredible what a simple change to your morning routine can do for you.

Some people will give it a shot for a day and then give up, but try living like the yogis for a solid week to really start seeing a change. Be sure to dedicate this time in the mornings to really connect with yourself. Put your phone on silent, leave the TV off, and save the newspaper for later to not let the outside world distract you. Simply, slide into your yoga leggings and get to yoga. Enjoy. 

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