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How to Create a Vision Board

In many ways, we all like to plan our future. Often, what we plan are things like our schooling, our wedding, or even a birth plan for our first child. This type of planning focuses on what we expect to happen, but not always what we dream to happen. 

We plan so much of our lives in a practical way; but how often do we combine this practical way with our aspirations? A vision board lets you do just that; concrete images help you bring focus to that in which you seek, and ask the universe for it.

Where to Begin?

Have you ever seen an image in a magazine that resonates with you? A picture that tugs your heart and tells you that this could be you someday? Maybe you cut pictures out of magazines, maybe you save beautiful backdrops as your screensaver on your computer, or maybe you are active on Pinterest with boards created for all your favorite hobbies? In many ways, this collection of images and ideas are similar to the task of creating a vision board. So, if you are interested in creating one for yourself, you’re already halfway there.

How It Works

The idea behind creating a vision board is not to pick an image or two and then drive yourself crazy trying to find that exact image to fit into your life – or to become frustrated with your current life because it may not seem you are on the path you want to be. 

When you pick an image that resonates within you, it is your mind’s way of recognizing that this is an inspiration for you. It could be either through an image of a person you admire, a place you would like to visit or live in, or maybe a lifestyle that you would like to follow. Once you have identified your inspiration, put it up somewhere you will see it daily and where it will remain as a subconscious reminder to your mind. 

Be Open to Inspiration

There is no wrong way to become inspired. Simply go about your daily routine and pay attention to the little things that make you pause. Create your board in whatever manner that works for you; purchase a corkboard and some pushpins and hang it up on your wall; create a vision notebook and paste your pictures in your book; or even create a vision board online, such as through Pinterest and the like, which allows you to create a board for all your inspirations. 

If you are feeling stuck in your life, feel free to actively look through images to give your mind a little nudge; then, look for common themes and pay attention to why you are drawn to these ideas. A vision board can have the same impact on your mind much like what yoga has – it allows you to connect more with yourself and leads you down a path of self-discovery. 

Make it a habit to understand your visual images on a regular basis and eliminate those that may not work for you anymore and those which no longer serve your purpose. Bring attention to those that bring you happiness and which inspire you down your desired path. Why not connect your destiny in a more concrete way and create your own vision board?

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